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My work is the quest about the formative space that formed by the movement of the shape of the light and its emotional interaction. I am interested in and focus on the fact that the surface of the usual space makes the shape of the light and its shadow, and more importantly they make another kind of texture and structural figure. It can be usually observed in the ordinary day-to-day. I collect the acting elements that generate the emotion from the ordinary space, then work to make it reappear and share it on totally different surface or space. When the audience can feel the homogeneity inside of the reappeared space that the artist makes, they can experience the emotional interaction. However, it is difficult to bring the same emotional effect to every audience. Therefore, I try to progress with the experiment of the process of finding the compatibility between the audiences and the work. This can be divided into three subsidiary themes including [Mutual Compatible Inference Technique by Previous Experience], [Fresh Quest about Space Time], and [Interactive Compatibility Quest between the Piece and its Audience].

I stop the moment of the day-to-day that can be passed by easily, recite it, and express its process of time structure. And sometimes I make these metaphysical moments intercross with the geometric actual space in order to reveal the invisible beauty that is inferred by functionality and experiences that are inherent in the structure of the space. I focus on creating aesthetic elements from the limited space that is not aesthetically related through the learning and research from personal experiments.

My earlier works were expressed by painting, object, and video installation. I drew the sequential frames that shows the emotion and story of the space time, and used the technique that matches and projects the performance video onto the sculptural form in order to express the moving shape in the limited space. Recently, I have been able to progress the work that can be more approachable by using digital media through visual programming and physical computing. Now I focus on the purpose of interaction between the audience and work, and make it to have a better condition and connecting environment through experiments by the process of reinterpreting interactive art.

As a result, I accept various ways of work as well as extend the scale of the work to the outer space other than frames or screen. And from here, I focus on the topic from interaction between audience and the artist to the interaction between space and emotion. So, I improve the weaknesses of the digital media that its expression might be limited only for the purpose of the amusement by its effect of technology by using the digital media more actively in order to transform the environmentally meaningless space into emotional, unique story-telling space where light and the object are alive.

I wish my work, which is based on the molding space and emotional interaction, create the positive environment that brings emotional interrelation of the inner side of humankind, and subdued daily life and environment.