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Hacking the Third Wave
Form : painting, light sculpture, projection, 3dprint
Site: For Celebrating Arts and Culture in Langley City
Date : 18 Jan 2021

Signs in the future / Acrylic paint, LEDs, Projection on Cradled Wood Panel, 10 x 10 in. - 8 Pieces, 2020

In this work, animals at risk of extinction, such as big bears, small bears, swans, whales, turtles, monoliths, foxes, and lions, are expressed as constellations. The ancient people looked at the stars and named them according to familiar animals, objects, and myths. However, the animals built in the constellations are on the verge of disappearing. Can our descendants remember them through constellations when we can no longer see these animals?

Beyond the universe I / Acrylic paint on Cradled Wood Panel, 10 x 10 in. 4 Pieces, 2020

Beyond the universe, the waves of the deep sea of the future are shaking with colour, pouring out the last vitality.

D-evoluted / 3D print (PLA), Projection, Variable dimension 8 Pieces, 2020

I had a friend who always liked window seats. His house is made of dirt and he likes to put his house in the sunlight. His legs work hard in the dirt. And he stretches out and enjoys sunbathing wherever the sun is. He always prays for morning to come and for the sun to rise. However, one day the sunlight was not as warm as usual and there were no nutrients. The world started to darken. He could no longer enjoy sunbathing. He gradually withered. I looked forward to seeing him forever so I tried to duplicate him with modern digital technology. I recorded his day with a 3D scanner and duplicated his days several times with a 3D printer. However, due to the limitations of technology, his shape transformed into a strange shape, and time was entangled to create a new variant. I looked at the variant and wondered if I would continue to accept him as a friend. Is this what my future friends will look like?

From the abyss I / Acrylic paint on Canvas, 30” x 30”, 2020

In the deteriorated and warped abyss of the sea, I met nebulae of the universe. I imagine that these nebulae will harbour the Earth and fill the abyss of the sea with life again.

Dark Matter / Acrylic paint on Canvas Board, 8 x 8 in. 4 Pieces, 2020

This is the sky I looked up at one night. The twinkling stars were no longer visible by smog. It created a hazy wave like dark matter that exists in the universe but is invisible.