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Form : Interactive
Site: Nam June Paik Art Center Special Exhibition Related Project, Nam June Paik Art Center (Yongin)
Date : 10 Jan - 19 Feb 2017

Intermediate, 2017

To the discussion. When someone speaks, someone listens. However, the content is apt to be distorted and delivered differently, as if'A' does not go entirely to'A'. All this process seems to be fighting(Argus) from within one step, but from one step back, it becomes a quiet discussion(debate). 'We will find harmony in chaos in the new colors created through the refraction of light. - ShinnamJeongi (Sangchul Nam, Kyubin Shin)

Intermediate, Interactive Installation, 2017 40 x 40 x 130 cm, 40 x 40 x 80cm, Arcade buttons, Arduino Mega, Stepper Motors, Mixed Media New Gameplay Project at NAM JUNE PAIK ART CENTER